Celebrate Singapore’s 53rd Birthday At S’pore Discovery Centre

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Celebrate Singapore’s 53rd Birthday At S’pore Discovery Centre

August 02, 2018

In celebration of Singapore’s 53rd National Day, S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC) has launched a special exhibition entitled “We’re SG” to tie in with this year’s National Day Parade (NDP)  theme, “We Are Singapore”.

Besides the main showcase at S’pore Discovery Centre, the exhibition will travel to Our Tampines Hub from 4 to 12 August. Visitors can look forward to bringing home limited-edition SDC mementos and stand a change to win limited NDP tickets, NDP funpacks and other prizes.

The exhibition, which runs till 18 November 2018, highlights what it means to be an active citizen and encourages all Singaporeans to be agents of change in their communities with a shared commitment to building a better Singapore.


Zone 1
Newly independent, Singapore struggled through difficult times. However, amid this period of uncertainty, the kampung spirit and gotong royong (spirit of community and neighbourliness) thrived. Simple acts of neighbourliness and graciousness helped to build the foundation for strong social bonds in the community, cemented by trust and mutual consideration.

Zone 2
We Are Singapore
Building Singapore is about contributing to the community. Singaporeans can play their part by being active change makers in their community. With a collective effort, Singaporeans can work together to become the change they wish to see for Singapore.


Inspiring Stories Of Singaporeans
Read about the inspiring stories of 14 Singaporeans who stepped up to make a difference in people’s lives. They took action for a cause they are passionate about. In their own way, they championed the spirit of gotong royong, going the extra mile to help others in need.

2. NDP Funpack Design Showcase
Check out the NDP 2018 funpacks, designed by talented young artists from 18 Special Education schools across Singapore. Step into the shoes of these gifted artists and see the world through their eyes. Discover the stories behind the artworks that were compiled based on conversations with the artists and their teachers.

3. We, The Citizens of Singapore
The national pledge was drafted by then Minister for Foreign Affairs S. Rajaratnam in 1966 as a way to promote national loyalty and consciousness among citizens following Singapore’s separation from Malaysia on 9 August 1965. Visitors can recite and record a line from the national pledge and view their recordings pieced with other Singaporeans’ pledge recordings.

4. Let’s Sing!
First launched in 1987, the national pledge was adapted and sung as part of a new national song. The iconic “We Are Singapore” song has been refreshed into a modern rendition for the NDP 2018 theme song. Sing along with pride to the 1987 MTV and the 2018 remixed versions and unleash the vocal talent in you!

5. Augmented Reality (AR) Wall
Immerse in the National Day atmosphere through AR, with “NDP Jalan” mobile phone app and explore Singapore. 

6. Happy Birthday Singapore
Join in the celebrations and pen down your wishes for Singapore’s 53rd birthday on a feature wall. 

In this section, learn about the values and attributes that make up an active Singapore citizen – Care, Trust, Progress, Resilience and Cohesion.  

1. Care – Kampung Spirit
In this interactive projection exhibit of a HDB block, the residents of this flat are one big family. Animation comes to life, when you get into action and knock on a unit door. Watch how the residents within the block engage in activities and embrace the kampung spirit through care, regardless of race, language or religion.

2. Trust – Caption Your Trust
Building trust is important. By strengthening mutual understanding, trust can be nurtured to overcome challenges in future. Who or what do you trust? Create your caption of trust in Singapore with the exhibit magnets and snap a picture.

3. Progress – Majulah! Singapore
Singapore’s achievement is the result of constant innovation and the enterprising spirit of its citizens. Using the plane as a metaphor, experiment with different innovative ways to improve your traditional paper plane creation, and put them to the flight test.

4. Resilience – United We Stand
Singapore’s transformation from third to first world in one generation was hard fought. When many said we could not, Singaporeans stood together and displayed great resilience in the face of adversity, and overcame the odds. Give a push at the giant tumblers (Roly-Poly Toy) and watch them come right back up, because when Singaporeans fall down, they will bounce back and stand strong like the tumblers.

5. Cohesion – Decrypting Singlish
Singaporeans share a national identity along with a unique accent and street language known as “Singlish”. It incorporates elements of other languages such as the Malay and Indian languages, and is also influenced by Chinese dialects. While it’s not a standard form of English, it’s a street language which has evolved from Singapore’s unique culture, and a marker of a distinctive Singaporean identity. Put your knowledge of Singlish to the test by taking the quiz!

9am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday
(closed on Monday except public holiday and school term holidays)

FREE ADMISSION for Singaporeans and PRs

ADMISSION for tourists and foreign citizens

Basic: Entry to S’pore Discovery Centre’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery + Special Movie + SAFTI Bus Tour
$10 adult, $9 senior (aged 60 and above), $7.50 youth (aged 13 to 20), $6 child (aged 3 to 12), $28 family (two adults, two children/youths)

Value: Entry to S’pore Discovery Centre’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery + Special Movie + SAFTI Bus Tour + 3D Short Film
$13 adult, $11.70 senior (aged 60 and above), $10.50 youth (aged 13 to 20), $9 child (aged 3 to 12), $40 family (two adults, two children/youths)

Plus: Entry to S’pore Discovery Centre’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery + Special Movie + SAFTI Bus Tour + Blockbuster Movie
$15 adult, $13.50 senior (aged 60 and above), $13 youth (aged 13 to 20), $10 child (aged 3 to 12), $45 family (two adults, two children/youths)

10-minute walk from Joo Koon MRT Station


Photos courtesy of S’pore Discovery Centre

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