Singapore’s Longest Running Foreign Film Fest: European Union Film Festival

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Singapore’s Longest Running Foreign Film Fest: European Union Film Festival

April 09, 2018

European film buffs are in for a treat as the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) returns to Singapore from 10 to 20 May for its 28th edition. Over 20 films across Europe will be screened – from dramas and thrillers to comedies and animation – at the National Gallery Singapore.


Fly Away Home
(2016) from Austria
• Set in 1945 Vienna where the powder keg of war and the Russian occupation is seen through the innocent eyes of 9-year old Christine
• Look out for director Mirjam Unger who will be present on opening night

Fly Away Home (Austria) is based on a novel by Christine Nöstlinger, the most popular children’s book author in Austria and Germany

Land Of Mine
(2015) from Denmark
The King’s Choice (2016) from Norway
• Both films show how decisions and actions in times of war set the course of history and how, on a personal level, they can trigger a change of heart

The Second World War forms the backdrop of Land Of Mine (Denmark)

(2017) from Ireland
• Tells the story of  an intellectually disabled couple longing for some time alone

Life Feels Good (2013) from Poland
Breathe (2017) from the UK
• Feature heart-wrenching realities of strong-willed but physically disabled individuals fighting for the opportunity to live and love without boundaries

Breathe (UK) focuses on challenges faced by those with special needs

(2015) from Spain
• About a cancer patient’s final months and farewell with his childhood friend

Perfect Strangers (2016) from Italy
• Tells the story of friends who struggle to hide their secrets from each other while pretending they have nothing to hide

Mother Knows Best (2016) from Portugal
• A film about how memories are shared and life choices are suddenly questioned

Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer (2017) from Latvia
• Find out what happens when grandparents are left in charge of their grandchildren who are more used to technology than the rough and tumble of the countryside

Love to Paradise (2017) from Malta
• Offers a glimpse into young love and the struggles that any seemingly picture-perfect couple would face

The Divine Order
(2017) from Switzerland
• Explores the fight for women's suffrage in Switzerland in 1971 through the eyes of the women from a quaint little Swiss village

Insyriated (2017) from Belgium
• Tells the story of a Syrian family trapped in their apartment and a mother trying desperately to keep them together as the war rages on outside

Fukushima, Mon Amour (2016) from Germany
• Focuses on two women – a German volunteer and the last geisha of Fukushima – as they retreat to the formerly radioactive Exclusion Zone to confront their individual pasts together

Fukushima, Mon Amour (Germany) offers perspectives from two female leads

(2016) from Bulgari
The Stronghold (2017) from Ukraine
• Feature children taking up the role of being courageous and being burdened with having to make tough, life-changing decisions


(2017) from Sweden
• This documentary film is a biopic about Swedish racing legend Ronnie Peterson who perished in a crash in 1978 doing what he loved

Kincsem – Bet on Revenge (2017) from Hungary
• Tells the true story of an adventure with a miraculous race horse that wins every race

Tulipani: Love, Honour And a Bicycle (2017) from Holland
• Combines passion for life and love to recount the tale of a Dutchman who cycles south to Italy to start over

The Violin Player (2018) from Finland
• Features Karin, a celebrated violin player whose career abruptly ends after an accident but is determined to be led by her ambition

The Dissidents
(2017) from Estonia
• This action comedy goes back to the 80s where three young delinquents flee to the West to seek out the as-seen-on-TV dream life

Expect a delightful comedic twist in The Dissidents (Estonia)

Miracle (2017) from Lithuania
• Another throwback to the past, this time to the early 90s, when Lithuania was transitioning from communism into capitalism

The Treasure (2015) from Romania
• A dark comedy that sees two men going on a hunt for a buried “treasure”, unearthing not only dirt but also traces of Romania’s often tumultuous history

10 – 20 May 

National Gallery Singapore

$12 per film from SISTIC   

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