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FREE ENGRAVING with 1 week advance booking.

Enjoy a time of mixing up scents with your loved ones at this perfume workshop. This workshop combines fun and innovation to give you a memorable time.

Perfume Workshop Singapore specialised in Orchid infused oils. Tourists who have attended this workshop in the past have used the word “hooked” “charming” and “impressed” to describe the experience.

Best things about Jetaime Perfumery is that they have made the process so simple that anyone can attend it! Yes! No prior experience needed to enjoy this essential Singaporean experience.

Participants are asked to take a personality test and match the ingredients to this. They make 2 samples of 10ml each and a final big bottle of 100ml. Take home 120ml of your signature scent.

Tip : Book 1 week in advance to get your name engraved on the bottle!
Jetaime Perfumery